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About Street Talent (How)

Street Talent is an interactive online platform for buskers that leverages the irresistible power of social media and innovation to give buskers massive publicity, reach and an audience that support their talent and want to support street talents around the globe financially. As the world and technology evolve; rules are changing, busking must change with current technology to create more opportunities and source of earnings. We are transforming conventional busking into modern (Digital) busking by making great entertainment accessible and hiring the best-unsigned talents a click away. Our ultimate goal is to help buskers create a sustainable income that will keep them doing what they do – entertaining and adding artistic colour to the area where they perform.


What do we do with the donations?

Buskers are a rare breed of artists in search of the best place to display their artistic endeavour. Sometimes this desire can be tough to achieve because of government laws, lack of playing space and much more. Street talent uses this medium to solicit for funds to keep these artists entertaining every day. You can make a specific donation to a talent or the entire busker’s community on street talent.


How do you benefit?

Research have shown that contributing to the well-being of a person positively boosts self-esteem and mood. This is the feeling you will get in knowing that your donation is keeping entertainment on the street. In addition to shout-out videos, special performances, and thank you messages from artists who benefit from your donation.


Straight from the horse's mouth.

I was dazed to get such help for nothing. A week after my instruments (guitar, amp, mic, and speaker) were stolen at fist-point by some rascals. I barely one month from the day I was robbed. I updated my work status as inactive and added the reasons. An administrator contacted me and made some inquiry. Afterwards, they promised to render some assistance. And here I am, busking again. I was told that the support was made possible by the donations received from supporters. I want to say a big thank you for making it possible for me to entertain again. I really cannot thank you enough. Nothing matches the frustration of not getting the recognition you deserve because of a poor sound instrument. For months, my morale was dulled because of my faulty speakers - singing and strumming my guitar became tedeous. And you cannot receive good tips when your sound is poor. This made saving for new speakers and upkeep difficult. Well, that changed after I received a donation from Street talent. I purchased a new set of speakers. Now, I play and sing with a renewed zeal to entertain and gain recognition. Thank you awesome supporters, your donations made this possible.



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